Elteros projektai

To be the best and most reliable automation company in the design, manufacturing and installation areas.
Our approach towards the client:
Focus on our customers' current and future needs, as well as putting effort into seeking long-term cooperation based on mutual trust and partnership.
Commitment to abide our obligations to the customers, legal and other regulatory activities requirements for our clients.
We offer automation solutions and products that ensure the coherence with the needs of our customers and their potentials.
Our main principle of cooperation with our clients is - let us stay together and prosper!
The attitude towards ourselves and our partners:
We seek to clearly define the empowerments of our employees and their responsibilities and make the best use of the abilities of the employees toward the operations of the enterprise.
We are constantly improving the skills of the employees in accordance to the latest market requirements, technical and technological progress.
We foresee our employees, suppliers and subcontractors as partners in the implementation of quality and environmental objectives. 
Our approach to clean environment:
We strive to continually reduce the company's negative impact on the environment by increasing pollution prevention measures.
We comply with all legal and other regulatory requirements for waste sorting and disposal, as well as constantly improve our waste management.
We seek to develop employees' responsibility and awareness on environmental protection and conservation of resources, not only as a company's but also as a personal duty.
Our approach to performance improvement:
In order to meet customers' needs and expectations we have implemented an integrated quality and environmental management system. We strive to meet the LST EN ISO 9001:2015 and LST EN ISO 14001:2015 standards and are constantly improving its effectiveness.
We aim for a harmonious organizing of teamwork - every employee is aware of the importance of the joint operational functions of the processes we carry out.
We systematically analyze our performance and their improvement opportunities. We value what we have achieved, where we stand now and what can be delivered tomorrow.
We strive to be creative and innovative. Constantly we improve the company's internal processes using the latest technologies, update technical bases in the search for new alternative solutions.
We undertake the view of a systematic approach towards the improvement of performance - we develop and improve all areas of activities by setting performance and quality goals and objectives for all of our departments periodically and evaluating them accordingly to the results achieved.
Director Matas Mankevicius
Vilnius, 12th March, 2018