Elteros projektai

Projektuojame WE DESIGN:

- process automation, automation of building engineering systems and water management;
- automation and electrical distribution panels;
- electronic products.

Projektuojame WE MANUFACTURE:

- automation and electrical distribution panels;
- remote consoles and indication panels;
- automatic control, instrumentation, measurement, control and other electronic devices;
- programmable controllers, temperature, humidity, power converters and measurement devices;
- according to the customer's requirements, we design and manufacture non-standard products.

Projektuojame WE PROGRAM:

- controllers from various manufacturers (Siemens, Beckhoff, ABB, Fidelix etc.) and UAB Elteros projektai controllers;
- SCADA systems, using both foreign software (SIMATIC WINCC, Desigo Insight) and software created by our developers and our partners;
- building management systems (BMS).

Projektuojame WE PERFORM:

- installation and deployment of building engineering automation systems;
- launching and tuning of manufacturing, process equipment, building engineering automation systems;
- warranty and post-warranty service of building engineering systems and process equipment automation.